The Waterhouse Natural Science Prize

As a result of the urging of our son, who lives in South Australia, I entered the "Emerging Artist" division of The Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize, sponsored by the Museum of South Australia in Adelaide, South Australia. For my subject, (suggested by our son-in-law) I entered a sculpture of the "PANGOLIN", an endangered mammal. The Pangolin reminds me of our beloved Texas Armadillo,  a favorite subject of mine. They may be distant cousins.


Although I did not win, the sculpture was purchased by a couple from Waxahachie, who later added a billy goat to their collection. I may not create another Pangolin. If you would like one (makes an interesting conversation piece) just let me know and I will crank up the torch.

Texas Country Reporter
Texas Judge Makes Amazing Sculptures out of Silverware

Ken Law spends his days working as an associate family law judge in Abilene, Texas. He often sees people when they are at their worst, which can be stressful at times. Ken knew that he could not take all that baggage home with him, so he came up with a plan. He began taking welding classes and eventually started creating some amazing cutlery sculptures. Read more...

The Kangaroo Island Sculpture Trail is a $1,000,000+ project of the Kangaroo Island Council, the governing body of the Island. The Council sent out an invitation to sculptors worldwide. Ken's proposal was chosen out of a large field of applying sculptors by a unanimous vote of the Kangaroo Island Sculpture Trail committee. He was selected and commissioned to create a sculpture for the "Kangaroo Island Sculpture Trail",  Kangaroo Island, South Australia. The sculpture is entitled "The Watcher." 

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