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Owl 2021.png

The T&T Owl

Raw Steel Flat Bar - Commissioned Sculpture

In early 2020, T&T STAFF MANAGEMENT, INC. of El Paso, TX contacted me and commissioned a sculpture of an Owl to be placed in front of its building in El Paso, Tx, adjoining several other sculptures. The sculpture was to be 5 to 6 feet tall and constructed out of material selected by as well as designed by the artist.

I chose raw steel flat bar and scrap to create the sculpture and rusted it with muriatic acid, exposing it to the elements to create a finish. It was sealed with a clear lacquer.

T&T STAFF MANAGEMENT was established in 1992, and is the largest, most financially sound Professional Employment Organization (PEO) in the Southwest. Its focus is to assist businesses in helping control costs, save time and eliminate time-consuming paperwork. Additionally, T & T will establish compliance with federal agencies such as OSHA, DOL, IRS, EEOC, and more, As a result, employee turnover is reduced, leaving more time to pursue corporate goals.  Staff members include Safety Specialists who are OSHA 500 & 501 authorized trainers and who are all certified CPR/First Aid Instructors.

As a Character First! Company T&T strives to maintain the highest ethical standards in business.

I was very proud and honored to have been commissioned to provide this sculpture. 

Ken Law




For Sale - Price Upon Request

Last year, I was at the Texas Disposal System plant in Creedmoor, TX and looking through their “Resale Shop”. It is a shop where items are sold that are retrieved from the trash may have some use. In other words, it is an “assemblage” sculptor’s toy store. I have been there many times before. I always noticed a bin full of shovels, mostly shovel heads, with broken or rotted handles and wondered how I could use them. On this particular occasion, the shovels spoke to me and bid me to take them home. I had no idea what to do with them, but I knew something would strike me. So, the broken, rusty, concrete covered shovels were purchased and I took them home. All 113 of them.

They sat around in my back yard for a while until they could wait no more. I decided they would make a perfect fish and started work. Several months later, and after two more trips to the Texas Disposal System to purchase more shovels, the sculpture was finished. It took 174 shovel heads, is 11ft. 4 inches long, 4 1/2 ft. high, and entitled “THE STARRY-EYED SHOVELBASS”. The eye is a part of an old plow I had laying around, but other than the base, the sculpture is all shovel heads of every size and shape. I cleaned every one of them with a wire brush on my angle grinder and rusted them with muriatic acid. The sculpture is sealed with a clear lacquer.

If you want to see the sculpture in person, it can be found at the only restaurant on Belton Lake, THE DEAD FISH GRILL. If you are further inclined to purchase it it is also available for purchase for your restaurant, lake house or art museum.  KL





My sculptures are a personal expression of visual shapes that catch my attention. My goal is to render those shapes into living creatures and to create a record of my impression of how unrelated objects can become something out of “nothing.”

The artistic process I employ relies heavily on how random shapes in smaller metal objects I observe form larger complex mental images and challenge me to “bring them to life.”  Recurring “critters” in my sculptures include Owls, Armadillos, Chaparrals, Hawks, Eagles, Fish, and Rabbits. Occasionally something simply organic, like a flower, will evolve, just for fun.

My artwork is deeply engaging for me, reflecting a sense of contentment with my status as an outdoor Texan, respect for our environment and the creatures that occupy the land.

- Ken Law

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